Bulk Buy: 20 x Sparkle Drops Flavoured Shimmer, 120-160 Drinks


20 x Sparkle Drops Flavoured Shimmer 10ml


Choose 20 BOTTLES of the same Flavour

Great with Prosecco, Gin, Vodka, Soft Drinks etc

Perfect for parties, nights out, weddings, anniversaries, Sparkle Drops add a delicious fruity flavour that compliments your drink, plus a beautiful sparkly shimmer!
Just add a few squeezes to your glass and top up with something bubbly!


Rose Gold Rhubarb – evocative of Rhubarb and custard sweets
Violet – anyone remember Parma Violet sweets?!
Green Watermelon – Fresh and aromatic
Blush Pear – Pear Drops!!
Rose Gold Caramel – Sweet
Berry Bliss – Full fruitiness
Purple Blackcurrant – Rich!
Pink Cherry – Like Cherry Drops
Golden Passionfruit – Tropical
Golden Pineapple – Tropical
Sunset Strawberry – Old favourite
Blush Peach – Belini anyone?
Blue Raspberry – Eye catching!
Orange Mango – Fruity
Green Lime – versatile!
Silver Elderflower – aromatic and decadent
Rose Gold UNFLAVOURED – Great for adding colour & shimmer but no taste
Ocean Berry

Our Festive Flavours!!

Iced Raspberry – our delicious Raspberry in an icy silver
Amaretto – rich almond flavours
Cranberry – fruity
Warm Orange – lightly spiced with ginger
Spiced Apple – hints of cinnamon
Coppery Ginger – fiery!
Winter Berry – rich forest fruits with a Christmassy aroma
Green Mint – fresh

Each 10ml bottle can do up to 8 servings dependent on taste.

Not Gift boxed.

Additional Information
Weight .6 kg
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Rose Gold Rhubarb, Violet, Green Watermelon, Blush Pear, Rose Gold Caramel, Berry Bliss, Purple Blackcurrant, Pink Cherry, Golden Passionfruit, Golden Pineapple, Sunset Strawberry, Blush Peach, Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, Green Lime, Silver Elderflower, Rose Gold Unflavoured, Ocean Berry, Marshmallow, Iced Raspberry, Amaretto, Cranberry, Warm Orange, Spiced Apple, Coppery Ginger, Winter Berry